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juan mandagie


We’re rewriting the rules of web3 creation. Don’t have a blue chip budget? That won’t matter here, because at the shop, we’re building for every type of collector in the metaverse.

Where are the updates?

Follow our Twitter and Discord announcements!

What's the latest?

Kiko launched her Bear Market Bakery. Free mint, gone in 4 minutes. She then airdropped 20k more NFTs to collectors.

30k baked goods currently exist. 3k have Mystic Essence, which she hopes will turn into companions. What about the other 27k baked goods?

Who knows?

Who's behind KikoMints?

We’re creators from all over the world. We follow the web3 closely and adapt to the current meta. The founder has been doxxed to only a select few (Zeneca, Cool Cats founders, etc). Team members come from a variety of backgrounds with an even split between males and females. Though Kiko’s voice and look was crafted by the team using majority female input, her voice is brought to life by the male founder on socials.

What's the roadmap

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need… roads.

You can count on the fact that we have a good number of things in the pipeline, but we're flexible and we'll vibe to the movements of the metaverse!